Cast spells using mana, but you won't always have enough. You also, have the ability to cast spells using... Y O U R S E L F.


  • Fireball (using D key)
    • Kill enemies, and time it right to kill multiple in one blast. Killing enemies will also grant you mana so that you can continue to cast spells.
  • Shield (using W key)
    • This blocks the movement of enemies, giving you the time to escape sticky situations.
  • Freeze (using R key)
    • Blast a spike of frost which will freeze all enemies for 3 seconds, allowing you to slow down the mobs of enemies coming your way.
  • Teleport (using A key)
    • As in the name, instantly travel to your cursor to avoid attacks, get away from enemies, prepare for the perfect shot, and so on.
  • Force (using S key)
    • If you are being surrounded use this ability to blast all enemies around you back, and stun them for a quick second.

If you don't have enough mana to cast a spell however, a variety of effects may occur. Either your speed or vision is sacrificed to cast a spell, but it only gets worse over time and eventually you will begin losing health when you cast spells.

Inspired by Mobs Inc. by Pietro Ferrantelli


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hey- i'm interested in showing this at an arcade, what's the best way to contact you?

hmmm interesting game

Fun game! I like it.

Really cool!